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Q: When and where are games held?

A: Games typically start mid march (please refer to the official calendar for OBSA and your teams app once teams are activated online) and play through the end of May with championships (for qualifying divisions) right before the holiday weekend.

Q: When do practices start?

A: Teams are approved to start practicing typically around the third week of February. The exact date teams are allowed to start is normally posted on league social media pages, on the league calendar and listed in your post purchase confirmation email. Please note that the date can vary from year to year so please don't assume it is the same date annually.

Q: How many games should we expect to play each season?

A: OBSA guarantees each team will play a minimum of 10 games per season. This number of games can be higher and will vary from season to season based on weather forecasts, required time off for national holidays, local events and select school functions in Oakdale. In optimum scheduling conditions and calendar years, teams "Could" play up to 14 games in a season. The official game count is typically not finalized until roughly the first week of march.

Q: When are games scheduled?

A: Teams will "normally" play two games per week (one weekday game and one weekend game); however, in the event of a previous rainout, teams may play more than two games during the week plus possible Saturday games.

Q: Where are games held?

A: Games are normally held at OBSA approved facilities within the city of Oakdale. These facilities can include:

1) TL Davis Sports Complex

2) Fair Oaks Elementary School
3) Cottles Wood Park
4) Kerr Park

Depending on registration numbers for the season and availability of facilities, some teams will have the opportunity to play with teams from the immediate surrounding communities. Games will usually be played in Oakdale; however, in some cases, teams may be required to play a game hosted in one of the local surrounding communities (i.e. Escalon, Riverbank, etc.)

Q: How Many Practices a week should we expect with our players team?

A: OBSA Coaches are required by their coaches code of conduct to provide a minimum of One (1) scheduled practice per week. However, some teams will have more practices than that depending on the team itself, player, parent and coach availability and weather/field conditions. In the event of weather and other unforeseeable facility conditions there may be some weeks where practices are not able to be conducted.

Q: Are practices conducted on baseball fields?

A: OBSA will make every effort to schedule practice block assignments for each division and their teams to practice on and at game facilities. However, this is not guaranteed to a wide range of factors. Practices may take place at parks, grass drainage basins etc within the Oakdale area.

Q: Are games and practices held during the Spring Break Vacation?

A: Yes, games and practices are held during the week of spring break, whenever the season falls in that time period. Please see the season schedule on our website.

Q: Are games or practices held on Sundays or Holidays?

A: Games and practices are not held on Sundays or major holidays like the Easter Holiday weekend, or on Good Friday,. OBSA also blocks games and practices for OJUSD Open House night for grades 1-8 and in observance of the Oakdale Rodeo Weekend.

Q: When are Schedules distributed?

A: Every attempt is to distribute season game schedules as soon and early as possible in the  preseason. "Typically", opening day season schedules are posted 2-3 weeks prior to opening day and the balance of the season games are "typically" posted via the league team app about 2 weeks prior to opening day. Please keep in mind that in some cases the  release of the game schedules may be delayed to unforeseeable or uncontrollable circumstances.   

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