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Q: How will you ensure the safety of my child and verify your coaches?

A: All members of the board of directors, coaching staff, and any other league volunteer that will come into contact with children go through an extensive mandatory background check and are only approved once this background check is completed.

Q: Is OBSA compliant with all aspects of the Safe Sports Act and its regulations?

A: Yes! As required by law, OBSA participates in the congressional mandated safe sports act and all members of OBSA including coaching staff, volunteers, board members and even the grounds keepers are required to take yearly Sexual Abuse Awareness training programs and pass the exam with 90% passing grade.

Q: Are league volunteers, including board members paid?

A: No. All  board members, coaches, and volunteers are here voluntarily and without any pay.

Q: In the event of an air quality alert, will OBSA cancel or reschedule events to address unhealthy air quality at or around the facilities?

A. In the event that the AQI (Air Quality Index) reaches 151, OBSA will cancel all events during this time  or until the AQI drops below 151. The current AQI is posted actively on the OBSA website's home page. OBSA will make every attempt to reschedule any cancelled events. However, OBSA reserves the right to cancel and NOT reschedule events due to AQI or other weather related reasons.

Q: Does OBSA close facilities and cancel games in the event of rain?

A: OBSA, in the event of unsuitable weather where the safety of the player and/or risk of excessive damage to the play surface, the league reserves the right to cancel any scheduled event, practice or game "at will" with little to no notice. although every attempt will be made to give as much advanced notice as possible, event  cancellations could happen immediately  prior to the beginning of the  game, event or practice. Safety of the players and facility will always remain our number one priority, but rest assured that we will make every effort to keep things on schedule and players playing!

Q: How does the league handle games that run long and it gets too dark?

A: As a matter of safety, OBSA will call or suspend any game that runs into the time period of 15 minutes before official sunset. Official sunset is identified by visiting, finding the local weather report and using the "sunset" time published there. If a game has played enough innings to be considered complete the game will be called as is at its current score. Please note that an umpire or a member of the executive board may call, suspend or terminate any game if weather or lighting conditions are deemed unsafe for the game to continue.

Q: What if my player is sick?

A: f you have a fever, cough or other symptoms as defined by the CDC as a potential illness we require players and their parents to STAY HOME!  Players, regardless of preventive measures can get sick from time-to-time. As a courtesy to your players team and to those around you, please STAY AT HOME! Most people have illnesses and are able to recover at home. If you think you or your player may have been exposed to COVID-19 or have any of the known symptoms or indicators of Covid-19, Stay at home and do not participate in any OBSA activities, contact your healthcare provider and notify your players coach or the OBSA board of directors ASAP! Do not return to any OBSA scheduled game, event or practice until you have been symptom free for at least 72 hours after the last known indication of any symptom related to Covid-19 and/or a negative COVID test.

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