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Q: Are parents required to volunteer in the snack shack or other operations of the league?

A: OBSA is a completely volunteer non-profit organization. As such OBSA is 100% financially self responsible for the complete operating costs of each season. The Snack Shack is a key component of fundraising for the league which helps offset the costs of running the season each year ultimately helping reduce the per player costs which cumulatively are split across every dollar it takes to make the season happen yearly.

Q: My child’s coach just asked all the team parents to participate and volunteer to work in the snack shack. Do we really need to do this?

A: Yes?  As per the registration agreement that you signed, when registering your child to play, you agreed to volunteer in the snack shack.

Q: How many hours per season is each team required to work in the snack shack?

A: Each person who does not purchase the "Snack Shack Buyout" at the time of registration of their player may be required to work up to 4 hours per season in the snack shack. As an alternative to Snack Shack duty, on special occasions a general request may go out to all teams looking for volunteers for special events and other league activities on busy game days.

Q: My coach says if nobody volunteers for Snack Shack that he will be suspended from the next game and/or the team will have to forfeit their next game? Is this really true?

A: Yes! As per the coach’s code of conduct and the agreement they signed and the parent Volunteer agreement signed at the time of registration, Coaches and parents agree to fill these scheduling requirements in the snack shack. If nobody shows up they will be suspended from the next scheduled game and the team may be required to forfeit their next game.

Q: I simply don't have the additional time to volunteer! Is there a way for my to buy out this time requirement?

A: Yes! Parents/guardians may choose to purchase the OBSA Snack Shack buyout at the cost of $85 for the season for each player they register. This will waive your agreed terms to the volunteer requirements.

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